Tym Lang

Timothy (Tym) Lang

Years Racing: 2 on the road, a few more in cyclocross
Road Category: 2

Cyclocross Category: A
Specialty: Bike racing
Favorite Coffee Drink: Quad Shots of Espresso
Pre-Race Meal: Coffee, Oatmeal, Rice cakes w/avocado & nutritional yeast on them
Favorite Race: Tour of the Battenkill
How did you get in to cycling?
My dad used to take me on “long” rides when I was a kid on my heavy department store mountain bike. I was hooked for life
What cycling accomplishment are you most proud of?
That’s hard to say. I probably should say my 2nd place GC at Mt. Hood Classic, but I was pretty zapped afterwards and couldn’t enjoy it properly. I probably actually feel most proud of taking 4th on the Mogollon Rd stage of Tour of the Gila.


2nd Overall Mt Hood Cycling Classic 2012 (Cat 3)

3rd Mt Hood Classic Stage 2 Scenic Gorge TT (Cat 3)

1st Mary’s Peak Hillclimb Time Trial (Cat 3)

3rd Overall Eugene Celebration SR 2011 (Cat 3 )

1st  Eugene Celebration Prologue (Cat 3)

1st OBRA Uphill TT Championships (Cat 3; 4th Overall)

Other Notable Results

7th Tour of the Battenkill 2012 (Cat 3)

4th Tour of the Gila Stage 1: Mogollon RR (Cat 3)

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