Jeremy Garbellano

Years Racing: 4.
Category: 3 (OBRA road/track), A (USAC collegiate road), A/SS (CX).
Specialty: sprinter.
Favorite Coffee Drink: espresso with a Pellegrino side.
Pre-Race Meal: Steel cut oats with dried dates, cinnamon and nuts; beverage: liberal amounts of Trailhead espresso.
Favorite Race: Barton Cross Crusade.
How did you get in to cycling?
Riding sweet fixies on the street and getting my feet wet in the alleycat scene.
What cycling accomplishment are you most proud of? Attacking off the starting line and holding a 60-minute, 3 man breakaway at the Eugene Twilight crit, 1/2/3 field. Holding a 2 man, 50 mile break at CWU Road Race, collegiate men’s A’s.
1st place, Blind Date 10/19/11, men’s B.
2nd place, PIR Cross Crusade 10/17/11, men’s B.
3rd place, Embrocation Track Omnium, 8/14/2011, cat 3.
3rd place, Eugene Twilight Criterium, 6/28/11 men’s cat 1/2/3.
2nd place, CWU road race, 4/9/2011, men’s collegiate A.
3rd place, Psycho Cross, 10/16/10, singlespeed.
3rd place, Hutch’s CCX Series, 9/28/10, singlespeed.
2nd place, Psycho Cross, 9/25/10, singlespeed.
3rd place overall, Cross Over Stage Race, men’s C. (1st place, criterium stage, 1st place TT, 3rd place CX race.)
3rd place, Alpenrose Thursday Series, 8/27/2009, men’s cat 3.
1st place, Gresham Criterium, 8/09/2009, men’s cat 4.
3rd place, Fast Twitch Friday, 7/31/2009, match sprint A.
2nd place, Fast Twitch Friday, 7/24/2009, match sprint A.
1st place, Alpenrose Thursday series, 7/09/2009, men’s cat 4.
2nd place, Alpenrose Heartbreaker, 6/14/2009, men’s cat 4.
1st place, Blue Ribbon Track Omnium, 6/13/2009, men’s cat 4.
2nd place, Banana Belt 1, 3/1/2009, men’s cat 5B.
2nd place, Alpenrose Thursday Series, 9/04/2008, men’s cat 4.
1st place, Fast Twitch Friday, 8/15/2008 men’s cat 5.

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