Robert Grunau

Years Racing: 2
Category: 3
Specialty: Pondering the existentialist dilemmas of being an amateur bike racer. Also burying for no reason other than to do it.
Favorite Coffee Drink:
Pre-Race Meal: White Rice, 2 scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, slathered in soy sauce and covered with Parmesan cheese
Favorite Race: Piece of Cake
How did you get in to cycling?

Eight years ago the girl I dated called me fat, which was true. From there I braved many a Cleveland winter, as I commuted to and from work and then eventually for work. The girl eventually ditched me, but I got to keep the bike. It took a move to Portland and five years of climbing mountains and not cycling to fall in love with the beauty of the agony of road racing.
What cycling accomplishment are you most proud of?

Palamares: (top 3s)
I own some STRAVA KOMs, but they are on the small hills that exist on my commute.

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