Murderhorn #4

Posted on June 30, 2011

Rain threaten to come down at the start of the fourth Mt. Tabor Series race, but Ben and Tym took the line anyhow.  Ben was sitting in 6th in the series, and Tym 8th.  Mid-race they announced a prime of a gift certificate for dental work, this excited Tym so much he launched an all out attack at the bottom of the hill grabbing the prime and unintentionally opening a huge gap.  After winning the prime, Tym sat up and let himself be reabsorbed by a peloton in hot pursuit. The rest of the race was fairly uneventful with Tym working to pull back the late break attempts to assure the race would end with the sort of uphill sprint that favors Ben’s puncheur skills.  Ben managed to sprint for 5th, Tym rode the wave in and took 12th.


If my decoding of the “complex points algorithm” used to score the Tabor overall, that should move Ben right up to 4th spot in the Tabor overall, well within striking distance of a top 3 spot.

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