Lots of Recent Racing: STXC, Mt. Tabor, Sublimity, Cirque du Cycling, & Elkhorn.

Posted on June 24, 2011

June has been a busy month for the Trailhead Coffee Team. Here’s recaps so far:

Portland Shortrack

We like playing in the dirt, so Monday nights at PIR in summer are a special time for us. We’ve had David Boerner & Nate Gibson consistently racing. David has been finishing in the front half of the highly competitive singlespeed category, and also racing the Cat 1s finishing 5th twice so far. Nate has raced twice in the Cat 2s finishing 6th his first race and 2nd on his second try. Nice work!

Mt. Tabor Series

This six race series is one of our favorite courses in town. Ben and Tym have are both in the top 10 of the series overall in the Cat 3s currently. Ben hasn’t missed a race and has placed 10th, 11th, and 5th in each race respectively. He now is 6th overall in the series. Tym skipped race two but went 5th and 8th in the two races he’s done and is currently ranked 8th overall. Nate and David are racing on and off, and hopefully this will help boost Nate into getting his upgrade to Cat 3 before Cascade.

Sublime Sublimity

Not much to report on the Cat 3 race except not many people wanted to do any work at this race. Ben and Tym both too more than their fair share of turns at the front, being helped by a good showing by Zack of Ruckus and Cole of BMC. Tym managed to grab 6th in the final sprint after making a late escape attempt that saw the peloton shattered, Ben rode in for  12th.

Nate raced the Cat 4s and took an impressive 2nd place that saw his group finish with a considerable time gap on the chasers.

Cirque Du Cycling

This crit lived up to its reputation of being dangerous. It started raining as the Cat 3s took to the start line, and within a few laps Tym was taken out in a crash on turn 3.  Ben thankfully managed to stay rubber side down and came in 19th.

Elkhorn Cycling Classic

Tym was the only rider to head out to Elkhorn. Stage one he came in with the front group in 8th, putting him in a good position to be a GC contender. However, he had trouble with injuries from the Cirque crash and lost a bunch of time in the TT (15th in TT, moved to 7th in GC).  He missed a crucial move at the beginning of the penultimate climb and found himself chasing the leaders for 12th place, sliding down in the GC to finish 11th.

On Tap…

This weekend Ben (and possibly David) will be taking to the roads of Portland yet again for the Franz Criterium on Saturday, while Tym and Nate skip to do some distance & climbing prep for Cascade Cycling Classic.

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